Awakening Leadership by Christine Horner

Awakening Leadership

Embracing Mindfulness, Your Life’s Purpose, and the Leader You Were Born to Be

Christine Horner

In the Garden Publishing

Human advancement requires the realization that each one of us has an essential role to fulfill to lead humanity into a new era of true equality and prosperity. In Awakening Leadership, Horner describes how mindfulness reconnects us to the Unified Field of Creation, opening the door to our infinite nature and our life’s purpose.

If Earth’s prime directive is oneness, its universal guiding principle is sustainability.  In the New Leadership Blueprint, sustainability becomes the all-inclusive compass that redefines morality, values, the way we care for one another and the planet. Transcending boundaries, Awakening Leadership is an illuminating “human” guide that will inspire you to immediately begin living your life on purpose toward building a better world. It’s your time to thrive!

Christine Horner’s little book on big leadership provides ample strategies and suggestions to help one lead through the persistent volution that is everyday life and change. Whether you are in a position of leadership, working on a team, or just interested in how to spark confidence and action in a community, school, family, or group, Horner’s 30 points of the New Leadership Blueprint will guide you towards leadership success in a balanced and nature-inspired way.

Rita Johnson

Librarian, Carnegie Libraries of Pittsburgh

At a time when the world around us seems to be falling apart with so many global difficulties . . . Christine Horner provides an excellent analysis on how local action can make global changes.

Francesca Pilgrim

Non-Profit Professional

WOW~an eye opener for sure! So well written and explained by Christine. If you THINK you know what a leader is, oh you must read this. Awakening Leadership is an expansive experience. There are lots of tools & tips that are very helpful. You will be so grateful you have chosen to expand yourself just by reading this book! Thank you Christine.

Karen L. Thomas Review

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