Wondrous Willow by Christine Horner

ONCE THERE WAS AN auspicious little butterfly who lived on the side of a very steep mountain. How Willow had come to be born on the side of this particular mountain was a great mystery to her for there hadn’t been an Old World Swallowtail since the previous century. Yet, she felt sure it was for a very special reason that she was there. Until she began to doubt . . .

Christine Horner and Joey McGrellis take us on a courageous journey of the heart as Willow, marveling at her wondrous existence, explores life, death, unlikely heroes, and a miracle when a man-made fire changes her life and her mountain home forever.

Joey McGrellis

Illustrator: Joey McGrellis, 17, is an animator and illustrator who loves to entertain through artwork. He began drawing at a young age and wishes to continue his passion as a career. Head of his high school art club, Joey will pursue a degree in computer animation.

Horner’s debut story has action and adventure as well as nature lore as the animals have to contend with the ramifications of events created by people, but the story really shines in the bucolic meadows by the river where Willow and her friends live. Wondrous Willow is highly recommended.

Jack Magnus

Readers' Favorite

Wonderful story through and through. And the pictures really allowed for the whole thing to come together. Absolutely a must read.

Kristi J. Hale

Amazon Review

I enjoyed this book so much I read it in one sitting. Ms Horner’s story is unique and had a good moral to it. It is very appropriate for boys and girls. A quick interesting read. I especially liked the illustrations by Mr. McGrellis he is very talented and has a great future in illustrating or any field he goes into.


LibraryThing.com Early Review

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